Nails: You Will Never Be One Of Us

If you have made it alive through 2010's Unsilent Death and their breakthrough 2013 album, Abandon All Life, as well as their handful of singles and EPs, now it's time to challenge yourself once again. Nails are back with their first Nuclear Blast release, a 10-song, 22-minute long album that reeks of malevolence and takes no prisoners.

Like Nails' previous releases You Will Never Be One of Us distinctively blends punk rock, grindcore and death metal to a brutal composite that doesn't hold back in cruelty and negativity. This time around the band sounds even more comfortable and mature enough to try new things, like engaging on an 8-minute long track, the record's closer; that's almost half of the duration of their previous album that clocked at 17 minutes.

The aesthetics in the couple of the very well made videos for the album's title track and Savage Intolerance represent the album's meanness pretty accurately.

You Will Never Be One of Us is one of the heaviest things you can listen to right now. Enter the violence, experience the brutality of Nails, get yourself pissed off and let the music wash off that anger...

Vinyl through Nuclear Blast

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