Hollywood Burns: First Contact EP

The alien-invasion-themed debut EP from Emeric "Hollywood Burns" Levardon is a brilliant gem, well thought and perfectly executed, which skyrockets itself among the synthwave highlights of the year.

Like a lost score for an Albert Pyun movie that never happened, First Contact EP is gutty and adventurous right from the beginning, and even though it often feels impulsive, it maintains its mystery mood  and creepy, otherworldly atmosphere throughout the half hour of its duration. Also present is another master of darksynth, Volkor X who has done the EP's mastering and is also featured on a track together with bassist Florent Gerbault from the band Light Deflection.

Darker than most synthwave releases you'll listen to this year, Hollywood Burns created a beast right off the bat. From the perfectly matching album art and visuals to the song titles, this release is a thoroughly realized concept by one of the genre's most promising up-and-comers.

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