NO/NO: Sound And Light

If your dreampop preferences lean on heavy synths, mid-80s pop hooks and goth vibes, Milwaukee's NO/NO will not disappoint you by any means.

Formed from the ashes of The Delphines, NO/NO quickly switched to a much different approach with a more electronic sound and put their new concept into realization rather fast by releasing a couple of well received EPs that clearly set the tone regarding the band's new style. Sound And Light, NO/NO's freshly out full length screams volumes about the band's continuity as a project and proves that they are capable of going far beyond than just being a band that created a pair of swell EPs or just being among the favorites of a local indie scene. Sound And Light is a cool, contemporary new wave album that respects its influences and puts them into use, without dishonoring or mimicking any of it.

NO/NO on their first attempt on a full length sound confident and capable of going places with what they do.  Released just in time to score your summer activities, Sound And Light definitely deserves those less than 40 minutes of your attention.

Find out below...

Vinyl via Gloss Records

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