Prinzhorn Dance School: Home Economics

"When our first album came out," Tobin Prinz, guitarist and vocalist for Prinzhorn Dance School remembers, "we were awkward, miserable..." "Nervous, uncooperative" chips in Suzi Horn, the other half of the band, pausing just long enough for Tobin to supply the punchline - "and now look at us!"

Home Economics is the band's third album, a 6-track release, clocking at nearly 23 minutes. Once again it is released via DFA, as the band has become one of the label's most representative and praiseworthy names and on the contrary of their previous one, Clay Class, which was recorded in isolation, this time the album was recorded on the move, "almost like field recordings", like Tobin states.

On Home Economics nothing is needless, nothing is rushed, there's not a moment to spare. Its density of only 23 minutes would maybe make someone expect that the band has taken a more aggressive/punk turn, but instead they sound more gentle than ever and although the edgy attitude is still there, it feels like waiting in the background the whole time, shut in by the band's new found pop sensibility and as a result, Home Economics feels like their warmest record yet.

This time, PDS is keeping an eye out for optimism and deliberately have a sense of positiveness lurking around the whole time, but not like they sound content. It's not like they've grown, but they've definitely matured and they're living up to the sharpness of their name.

The very fresh music video for the record opener, Reign, is directed by Dean Chalkley.


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