newspaperflyhunting: Iceberg Soul

newspaperflyhunting come from Białystok, Poland and they have recently released their second full-length, Iceberg Soul.

The band fuses early 90s post-rock with classic progressive rock, creating a nostalgic and at points deeply melacholic atmosphere, taunting at the same time with both sorrow and hope.

The heavy accent in the mixed gender vocals, as well as the album’s rough production with all the improvisations and the sonic outbreaks, comprise a work of rare unprocessed beauty that could charm any fan of the genre.

Iceberg Soul has a circular structure that could almost have it pass as a concept album, opening with a track titled My Iceberg Soul and closing with another, aptly called Your Iceberg Soul, providing a cathartic closure to the listening experience, fully packed with bittersweet, low-down tension on the way. Album highlight, Lighthouse could have easily come from an early to mid-2000s Porcupine Tree record, while Your Iceberg Soul's repetitive title line could bring to one's mind the deliberately monotonous brilliance of A Silver Mt. Zion's harmonies, brimming with liveliness.

Without getting lost in improvisation and too lengthy autoschediasm, newspaperflyhunting have created a graceful second record that is tight as a tick and a treat for any devotee of the much ran-down and dragged around post-rock genre.

Listen to Iceberg Soul right below…

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