MRK: River of Blood Video (NSFW)

If Kate Bush was David Byrne’s conjoined twin and the siblings raised themselves on an abandoned desert island by reciting show tunes to one another, the result would be MRK (Like Mr. K, by the way).

The Angeleno songstress video for River of Blood, produced by MadAsHell (the production team of Leila Jarman and Mike Leisz) is a striking debut – pretty and ugly and scary and beautiful all at once.

Madison Rene Knapp, AKA MRK, carries an aesthetic that’s as confident as it is slippery-to-define. Her tunes use electronic palates to create indie-rock influenced, bombastic theatrical anthems that sing with levity and creativity while always keeping sinister undertones simmering in the undertow. The video itself imagery prob lends it’s self to the likes of; The Shinning, Carrie and True Blood and it’s certainly one that stands out for us, encapsulating all these emotions, undertones and imagery all in one.

"The song River of Blood poured forth from a uniquely feminine time in my life. Although there are feminine/menstrual overtones in the song and video, we ALL bleed. We are all made of blood, born into it and dying with it. To me, it’s more humanist than menstrual. Where do I come from? Where do you come from?" - Madison Rene Knapp

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