Chromatics: Dear Tommy

Chromatics have just announced a new album entitled, Dear Tommy, which is slated for a release early next year. The album follows up 2012’s Kill For Love and although there is no actual date set, the album will be released via the label, Italians Do It Better.

Johnny Jewel has also been busy with his other projects. Next year will be massive for him, as Glass Candy’s album Body Work and Symmetry’s Still Life are also in well into production. In addition to that, Jewel’s soundtrack for Ryan Gosling’s movie Lost River will also come out next year via Italians Do It Better.

Check out the track-listing for Dear Tommy and the current track and video Cherry.

1. Fresh Blood
2. In Films
3. Time Rider
4. I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around
5. Cherry
6. She Says
7. Just Like You
8. 4 A.M.
9. Teacher
10. Camera
11. Dear Tommy
12. Touch Blue
13. After Hours
14. Shadow
15. In Silence
16. Colorblind
17. Endless Sleep

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