Robert Ascroft: Faded Photograph (feat. Ruth Radelet)

A classically trained guitarist who transitioned to music production, Robert Ascroft is known for collaborating with artists across various fields, including directing and photography among others. His work is characterized by intricate and emotive properties which encapsulate his cinematic storytelling.

On the new track, Faded Photograph, Ascroft collaborates with vocalist Ruth Radelet of Chromatics. The song is part of Ascroft's forthcoming album, set to be released at the end of 2024. Coming from Rochester, New York, Ascroft's background is rich with his mother's musical influence and his father's work with Kodak, hinting at his future in creative fields.

Faded Photograph is inspired by Ascroft's experience in the film industry, and comes across as an incredibly moody and nostalgic piece of work, accompanied by an equally creative video whose appeal is made even stronger, drawing inspiration from classic sci-fi aspects.

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