Parallel: Painkiller

Dreampop band Parallel is set to release their new album, Flooded, on July 10th, 2024. The second single from the album, Painkiller, offers a rather atmospheric sound. The track delves into the themes of fear of loss, change, and death, transforming these anxieties into intimations of sex, connection, and pleasure. It explores the notion of trusting in pleasure as a reality, a means to find safety and self-discovery amidst ambiguity.

Painkiller features poignant lyrics which address the complexities of queer intimacy, expressing the delicate balance between fragility and empowerment. Vocally expressive, the song reveals the desire, and anguish inherent in such intimate connections.

With a sound that sets them apart in the current shoegaze scene, Parallel explores the darker corners of dreampop and infuses their music with existential and dark elements in a very notable manner.


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