Martirio: Fuerza Ancestral

Fresno, California punks Martirio return with a set of new tracks as part of their freshly revealed work, the new EP Fuerza Ancestral, following their very good DEMO EP from late 2023. 

The new tracks showcase the band's unrelenting radical energy, featuring raging vocals which intensify one's pulse and memorable guitar riffs that uplift while maintaining a gritty, dark undertone.

The band explains the concept of the new EP: "This collection of songs is a testament to the strength, resilience, and struggles of “undocumented” indigenous people, whose experiences often go unheard. Through our music, we aim to shed light on all of our stories, amplify the voices of those who often go unheard and to give you an understanding of the struggles many of us face."

Stand out numbers like the closing pair of songs, the two-minute dynamite Fuerza and the furious rabidity of Soledad, blend raw emotion with genuine punk energy, as Martirio's hardcore sound shines brilliantly once again, making them an unmissable act for those initiated in that kind of powerful and forceful punk music.

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