Las Nubes: Enredados (Misty's Mix)

Enredados (Misty's Mix) shines as a key track on Tormentas Malsanas, the second album from Miami-based Las Nubes which was just released. With accolades from icons like Thurston Moore and Iggy Pop, their latest work delivers a collection of remarkable songs, highlighting the album's value.

Enredados (Misty's Mix) embraces an alternative lo-fi rock style, infused with shoegaze elements, all while maintaining its psychedelic garage rock roots, while thematically it comes across as a deeply emotional number. The full length in its entirety has steadily garnered acclaim for its robust and expressive mix, showcasing the band’s signature fusion of genres in a forthright manner, resulting in an album with a distinct personality and numerous standout moments.

Photo by Sal Rispoli

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