Scarcity: Venom & Cadmium

Venom & Cadmium emerges as the latest single and visual revelation from Scarcity's upcoming album, The Promise of Rain, slated for release on June 12th, 2024, through The Flenser. This track continues the band's notable experimental black metal approach, exhibiting a dark and provocative essence, reminiscent of their previous work.

Thematically rich, the song delves into concepts of struggle, metamorphosis, and the unforgiving realities of existence. Through profound lyrics and imagery, it paints a picture of desolate terrains, generating a realm of adversity and hardship.

With its bold sound and profound themes, Venom & Cadmium sets the stage for an album which promises to excite the underground metal world, much like its predecessor, Aveilut. It's evident that both albums share a similar caliber and interconnectedness, a testament to the band's profound understanding of the genre and their place within it.

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