Cats Of Transnistria: Big Sleep

Helsinki dreampop outfit Cats Of Transnistria unveils Big Sleep, their first release in five years, signaling a creative evolution for the band while retaining the trademark languid allure for which they're known.

"The new songs really sound new, but at the same time still just like us. We have been focused on our other projects for a long time, and the break has done us good. Now making new music together has felt wonderful and inspiring," says the band's own Henna Emilia Hietamäki.

"Big Sleep started with a beat, like all our new songs. The beat and bass lines have brought a new kind of freedom, airiness and experimentation to the song-making process and playing. Influences can be found, for example, from the dreary side of the 1980’s," adds Tuomas Alatalo.

In typical fashion, Cats Of Transnistria melds elements of dreampop, post rock, darkwave, and slowcore into an immersive whole. The new release presents the band in a notably creative mood, finely combining sentimentality with melodicism to form a cohesive and compelling unit.

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