Las Nubes: Pesada

Pesada is the latest single from the upcoming Tormentas Malsanas album by the Miami-based multilingual garage pop band Las Nubes. The song is a beautiful garage rocker which tackles the topic of performative activism by emphasizing how simple it is to get involved in social causes from the comfort of one's home by just clicking on a button.

The band's own Ale Campos comments on the new single: “During the time of George Floyd’s murder, I noticed several people who I followed online were posting non-stop about topics surrounding racial injustice in the U.S.. What I found strange was that they would share infographics written by other people instead of forming their own opinions, while also demonizing those who didn’t post as much as them. Additionally, when I would go to protests, I expected to see them all there but when the time came none of them showed. Pesada is about performative activism and the convenience of sitting at home and clicking 'add to story' - how the delusion created by attention makes you think you’re absolved from being labeled as a bad character.

The song comes forward with a psychedelic, gritty, and heavy approach which seems appropriate for the subject matter, while the accompanying video is pretty arresting with its DIY aesthetic and monochromatic qualities.

Campos comments on the entire album: “Tormentas Malsanas is a culmination of personal experiences I had firsthand or felt secondhand through the lives of my close friends and relatives over the span of five years. The feelings brought on by these experiences were charged, sometimes stagnant and unforgiving, much like the summers here in South Florida. When it comes to expressing these personal narratives I always felt that articulating them through the lens of nature was something that anyone could feel a connection to. A lot of these songs were written at a time when it felt like the world was going to end, which also presents a feeling of longing to return to something 'normal'.” 

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