Isolated Youth: Ghost Town

With the release of their most recent single, Ghost Town, Isolated Youth continue on their moody post punk journey and offer a taste of what to expect from their anticipated debut album, miserere mei, which is scheduled to be released in Summer 2024.

Emerging from strolls through the nocturnal streets of Stockholm, Ghost Town stands as a pure homage to eighties gothic and post punk sounds, exhibiting the band's grip of the genre. The single embodies a fusion of the varied musical influences which have contributed to shaping the band's distinctive style.

Produced under the guidance of Faris Badwan of The Horrors, Ghost Town exudes a natural darkness while retaining a dynamic, melody-driven composition.

The band comments on the new single: “The track was meticulously crafted in an underground rehearsal space adjacent to a forest cemetery in Stockholm. This eerie and haunting setting, characterised by a perpetual cold wind and unsettling fake bird chirps designed to guide blind people, might not have been traditionally inspiring, but it undeniably influenced our music in profound ways. The environment became an integral part of their creative process, imbuing our work with an indescribable essence.

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