Earth Groans: Chasm

Earth Groans have honed their identity as a forceful and distinctive presence in the world of modern metalcore, blending metallic explicitness with hardcore intensity. Led by frontman Jeremy Schaeffer, the South Dakota band showcases a powerful and unique creative approach which often comes out sounding infectious.

Their latest release, Chasm, marks a daring new phase for the band. Earth Groans unveil a revitalized sound and a completely new outlook while sticking to to their raw and aggressive essence. Combining their signature ferocity with gripping storytelling, the song focuses on human imperfections, exploring deep sentiments and the challenge for a positive self-perception.

The band describes the song as "a parallel between a man and a canyon. The same way the years of weathering a river carves in the rock. The same way the trials wear a man. Left feeling disgusting, ugly and unloveable. But he doesn’t realize those trials are what carves him into the beauty he is."

There's intensity and personal hardship in the song's core, implying a discrepancy between one's internal and external realities.

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