Disastroid: Figurative Object

Disastroid, a heavy rock band hailing from San Francisco, fuses stoner rock, sludge, grunge, and noise rock among other styles to craft their distinct, psychedelic-bent sound. They release their new album, Garden Creatures, through Heavy Psych Sounds, a work which presents a shift from the grittier tone of their debut record, Mortal Fools.

The new album goes over more gloomy, more atmospheric textures and offers a more complex, darker and heavier sound. It was produced by Billy Anderson, who is well known for his work with Sleep, Melvins, Swans, Mr. Bungle, and Neurosis. 

Figurative Object is an extensive standout on the new full length, which he band describes as "a sonic love story of one mans inescapable love for a mannequin told through cascading waves of moody rock while plunging into head banging heaviness."

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