DETECTS: Can't Compete

Can't Compete, the opening track of Blending In, the latest EP by DETECTS, sets the stage for a brief, yet, exhilarating set of songs. Consisting of four tracks, the new EP showcases the band's continued excellence.

The track creates a beautiful and engaging atmosphere, blending post punk elements with a gripping fusion of edgy guitars and atmospheric synths. Can't Compete unveils the darker facets of the band's identity while demonstrating their knack for infusing classic influences from the genre's background and its contemporary underground scene into a unique, character-laden composition. Transitioning finely into a more intense post punk mode, the guitars resonate with fervor, complemented by the rhythmic sway of synths and driving bass lines.

Throughout the entire EP, DETECTS embark on a moody and gritty exploration, igniting a palpable sense of excitement. Their evolution as a band remains evident, as they effortlessly balance consistency with expressiveness, delivering a sound which is intimate and ever-evolving.

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