dayaway: ghost beach

Dreampop project, dayaway, unveil their latest creation, the title track of their upcoming EP, ghost beach, and its accompanying video. Set for release on August 14th, 2024, through the band's independent label Turn To Wind, the EP marks the third installment from the dreamy indie pop duo, composed of Amber Renee and Graham Marsh. 

With its infectious energy and surf-inspired tones, the track gives way to a realm of sun-soaked shores and carefree melodicism. The video was filmed by the band on the secluded expanse of Rockaway Beach, and becomes a perfect match to the music's buoyant character. 

Renee comments on the track: “ghost beach is a song about revisiting the past and doing things over again. It’s about second chances. Of all the songs we’ve made for this project, ‘ghost beach’ has been the most fun. Initially I thought this song would be more of a sad, somber vibe until Graham started messing around with those amazing surfy guitar riffs. He transformed it into something way more fun and beaming with energy.

Once again, dayway create a sound of their own, where nostalgia meets modern indie charm, and introduce their upcoming EP in a remarkable way.

Photo by Graham Marsh

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