Stillmotion: Inasmuch

Hailing from a quaint town near Rochester, NY, Stillmotion emerged in the nineties with a collection of cassettes and a unique marble-vinyl seven-inch; a body of work created with notable producers like Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low) at Noise New Jersey, and Daevid Vincent at The Matrix (Doom and Half-Life soundtracks). The band's sound brought together elements of shoegaze with Mediterranean and traditional Middle Eastern influences, incorporating drone loops and a video projection artist.

Stillmotion defied convention with their interactive live performances setting them apart from their indie peers. Despite lacking major label support, their live shows matched, if not exceeded, the magnificence of their studio recordings. While touring alongside acts like Swell and His Name is Alive, the band also secured opening slots for esteemed shoegazers such as Catherine Wheel and Medicine. Along the wat, they garnered interest from American Recordings, still, their envisioned 1995 album never materialized.

Three decades later, spurred by an upswing of online interest, the band decided to search for their lost master tapes. The result is 1992-1995, a compilation/anthology of their original studio recordings, remastered by Kramer at Noise Miami in 2023. 

The release serves as a testament to Stillmotion's notable presence in the underground shoegaze scene, showcasing a band with a distinctive voice which deserves recognition.

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