Rare Kreature: Serrated Luvvv

Serrated Luvvv is a focus track on Sleeping Secrets, the brand new album by Phoenix, Arizona darkwave/post punk band, Rare Kreature. The new full length illustrates the band's evolution, with seven beautiful, darkly bent compositions which appear based on the vanguard of moody underground post punk, fully realizing their dark approach.

Rare Kreature describe the track as "a song about dysfunctional patterns, unfounded expectations and a lack of access to sincere self-reflection."

Serrated Luvvv examines themes of pain, loss, and longing. It evokes intense feelings of emptiness and detachment, with emotional turmoil palpable in both the track's stark lyricism and the band's impassioned performance. Rare Kreature continue to grow in a revered and exciting manner, evident in the song and album's exploration of profound emotions and yearning for understanding.

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