Mamaleek: Vileness Slim

The upcoming full length by Mamaleek, Vida Blue, is deeply influenced by loss. Their eighth album in total, marks a significant milestone for the San Francisco Bay Area experimental outfit, becoming their third album with a full lineup.

In March 2023, the band lost their longtime friend and keyboardist, Eric Livingston who passed away at 38. This loss left the group as a quartet, and despite the profound downfall, Mamaleek persevered, continuing to perform with the four remaining members at various festivals, including the 2023 edition of Tilburg.

Following this difficult period, Mamaleek returned to the studio to create new material which aptly captures their journey through grief and pays tribute to their departed colleague. The album they created draws inspiration from the legacy of Oakland A's baseball legend Vida Blue, whose team coincidentally announced its relocation to Las Vegas in the same year. 

The band members themselves describe: "Time is a slippery fish. Maybe only someone like Vida could grasp it. Although he’s left time behind, his image and that lefty heat remain in the memories of many. Eventually they’ll be forgotten, and hopefully replaced with even more exultant ones. This musical recording is a reflection on loss and its acceptance. We explore several examples for each song, including the loss of pride, of money, of glory, of country, of sanity, of a favorite sports team, of significant others, and, every day, one’s self. It also explores various associated moods–fear, panic, reverence, stoicism, and steadfastness–to arrive at a resolution: Loss is only a test, the glue that holds and erodes each memory, the connection that binds and loosens us all, pitch by pitch, inning by inning. 'This is your celebration.'"

The album's first offering, Vileness Slim, is a sophisticated interpretation of wonderful experimentalism, a reflection on deep loss, and a means of transforming tragedy and ugliness into something beautiful and meaningful.

Vida Blue releases on August 9th, 2024 via The Flenser.

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