Bossk: The Reverie II

As they near their twentieth year as a band, Bossk take a moment to reflect on their journey thus far, acknowledging the work which has propelled them to prominence within the post metal scene. Their new release, .4, is opting instead for an experimental approach by offering reimagined versions of some familiar tracks. 

The Reverie II, contributed by Canadian prog-psych duo Crown Lands, injects fresh elements such as Moog synths, percussion reminiscent of Tool, and dynamic shifts, breathing new life into the closing track of Bossk's 2016 debut album, Audio Noir.

Bossk comment: "We have dabbled with using synths and moog-style electronics in the past, but our ability is fairly limited in what we can achieve. Crown Lands are the undisputed kings of the new generation of prog, and both Kevin and Cody are absolutely flawless musicians. Kevin REALLY understood what this song needed to be, an 80s-fuelled, prog odyssey. This idea came together so fast, and instantly we knew this was going to be one of the highlights of the whole record. The dynamics in this song soar in ways the original doesn’t. and the percussion added by Cody is something we have always wanted to include in our music, but never had the right moments for that to work right. This was one of Tom's main contributions to the album, and working with them on this was a truly awesome experience."

Photo by Thomas Brooker

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