Beverly Kills: Sunset Drive

The new single, Sunset Drive, by Sweden's Beverly Kills, is a lively dreampop track which conveys a great deal of desire for guidance and communication as well as a pursuit for fulfillment.  The new song is a first taste off the band's impending albums, and seems to address existential concerns and the complexity of human interactions. Ultimately, it appears exactly like the band's trademark lively and exciting sound from earlier releases.

On Sunset Drive, the band comments: "It's one of the first songs we wrote for our upcoming sophomore album, and it cemented some of the sound we wanted to work with. The song title is taken from a conversation we overheard in Austin during SXSW last year: 'there’s a White Claw party at Sunset Drive!'. It felt like we were in an American college movie. An animated reality. The song is about getting in over your head, and how you eventually can drink so many units of alcohol that it stops being fun."

Photo by Jakob Ekvall

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