XOR: Waiting

Moody synthpop project XOR returns with new single, Waiting. Acting as a love letter to being away from home, the song pulsates with an upbeat tempo while intricately bringing forward shades of melancholy, evoking both dreamlike properties and dancefloor allure.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic synthpop sounds of the eighties, particularly with the use of Juno synths, Waiting embraces a contemporary production style, and sounds fresh and vibrant.

Matthew, the creative force the project, wrote the track during his time on tour with Secret Shame, his post punk band. Reflecting on the experience, the artist shares: "We’d gone from being around each other non-stop during lockdown to me being away on tour a large part of the year. It’s hard to navigate being on the road so much and having a life at home. No matter how often we call or text, it just isn’t the same as being around someone and sharing a life with them.

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