Full of Hell: Doors to Mental Agony

Full of Hell have revealed that their upcoming album will be titled Coagulated Bliss, and unveiled the first single off it, Doors to Mental Agony. The band's monumental sixth studio album is set to be released on April 26th, 2024, through Closed Casket Activities.

The forthcoming album holds the promise of breaking new ground for the band, exhibiting a departure from their previous works while retaining the signature edge and unconventional approach in which Full of Hell excels. Expect a fusion of traditional songwriting structures with intense noise and experimental elements, demonstrating the band's mastery in blending diverse styles.

Doors to Mental Agony arrives with an accompanying video directed by Erich Richter. The track hits hard, and delivers a relentless grindcore chorus, while showcasing remarkable instrumental prowess, adding to its crushing impact.

Full of Hell's Dylan Walker comments: "In this life there are many doors. Rural America exists in a vacuum with its own mundane horrors and dead ends. Every person you know will stumble through one of these doors at some point, falling into mistakes that can’t be undone. Look on reality and weep."

Coagulated Bliss was written and recorded shortly after Full of Hell completed When No Birds Sang, their collaborative album with Nothing.

Photo by Zachary Jones
Artwork by Brian Montuori

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