Vesperine: Mouvement II - Interférence

Drawing inspiration from French literature and poetry, super heavy French band Vesperine, bring forward their post hardcore sensibilities in a fluid and natural manner, maintaining a refined equilibrium between darkness and light.

Mouvement II - Interference is part of the band's upcoming album Perpétuel, recorded and mixed at the Apiary Studio (Birds in Row, Lost in Kiev). It's an expansive and all around dynamic track which explores the concept of artistic creation as a means of escape from one's circumstances and the constraints of the world.

With a sharp, heavy sound and a creative mindset akin to top post metal acts such as Amenra, Neurosis, and Cult of Luna, the song goes through melodic passages, producing a compelling contrast between raw intensity and unfeigned emotion. Ultimately, it comes out as a rather gritty yet poetic composition, distinguished by its toughness, depth and sophistication.

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