Totally Slow: Pistol Whip

Ahead of their forthcoming fourth album, Totally Slow deviate from their typically fast punk rock style with a slight shift in direction. The band's new single, Pistol Whip, implements a slower tempo, conveying an interesting and enduring theme. 

Notably, the new track includes backing vocals contributed by Sam Paulsen, the guitarist of Man or Astroman.

The band explains: "We wanted to find a more dynamic balance for this record. The track order wasn't taken lightly and there are lot of interesting samples and between-song transitions that I hope folks can find the time to receive fully as a whole piece. Pistol Whip is a tone-switch, and brings the BPM down a bit. The intensity level is still peaking but it still feels like breathing space - with lyrics conveying that we live inside of chaos and trying to find some peace in accepting the intractable nature of 'being.' So it's a sonic break and really an emotional break as well."

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