Prisoner: Shroud

Richmond's Prisoner combines death metal, doom, crust, and industrial into a distressing, genre mixing fusion of extreme heaviness and edginess. Shroud is the second single from PUTRID | OBSOLETE, the band's sophomore album, scheduled to come out on March 15th, 2024, through Persistent Vision Records.

The band describe: "At the heart of SHROUD is the exploration of depression, nihilism, and full-fledged ire in response to how our world continues to collapse in real-time around us. Uncontrolled capitalism and the short-term desires of the ruling class are poisoning this Earth, and humanity continues to do horrible things to each other, the earth, and other living things. It's hard not to feel lost in the middle of it all."

With all the bitterness expressed in a rather fiery manner, through fervent intensity and a weighty demeanor, Shroud emerges as a potent contemporary representation of death metal mixed with unconventional elements and a forward-thinking approach.

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