MAQUINA.: Body Control

Lisbon-based trio MAQUINA. have released their newest single, body control, from their upcoming album PRATA, set to come out on April 5th, 2024 through Fuzz Club Records. With a fusion of minimal krautrock repetition, pulsating EBM, and industrial techno influences, MAQUINA. pushes the limits of these genres and their own sound. PRATA follows their debut EP, DIRTY TRACKS FOR CLUBBING, from 2023.

The new single, body control, which also serves as the album opener, sets the record in motion through a whirlwind of electrifying turmoil.

On the new single, MAQUINA. comment: “Where every beat becomes a testament to the language of movement, the lyrics are an ode to the body music - the devotion of the body for the music, the transmission of energy through the people when the music is played, the inexplicable synergy that it creates between the audience and the artist." On the accompanying video, they add: "’body control’ is accompanied by a textured video inspired by abstract lighting. True to the concept, the video comprises improvised footage captured at clubbing nights and concerts, featuring only cuts devoid of transitions, a raw visual experience."

Describing the entire album which was recorded and co-produced by Carlos de Jesus (Sunflowers) at Arda Recorders, MAQUINA. explain: “This album was composed spontaneously in the studio throughout the year 2023. It's music of colour, delving into depths and dimensions that resonate with scale and contrast. Pushing sounds together to make noise and pushing noise together to make sounds. Emphasising textures that evoke feelings and soundscapes rather than relying solely on textual narratives. The music breathes life into auditory canvases, painting sonic panoramas pushing into a world of tactile sensation and immersive experiences.

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