OWLS: Body Bags

Darkwave rising artist, OWLS, a producer hailing from the Irish midlands, resurfaces in 2024 with Body Bags, a fierce and moody synthpunk track, accompanied by a striking video. OWLS' latest creation draws heavily from the ongoing events in Gaza.

Body Bags is themed on the unsettling notion of humanity's self-destructive tendencies, examining the capacity to inflict pain and suffering on the most vulnerable, and finding the artist evaluating a broader societal reflection.

The new OWLS track combines elements of synthwave, industrial, and darkwave, delivering an intense two-minute blast of synth-driven punk.

Filmed on location in Co. Longford, Ireland, by Nathan Sheridan, the music video features the grim duo of characters 'Bird' and 'Gimp,' together in peaceful unity amid the chaos and turmoil of modern society.

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