Kallai: Always/Never

In the summer of 2023, new band Kallai came together as a collaborative effort involving members from Trance to the Sun, Luscious Apparatus, and Lost Echoes. Drawing inspiration from post punk, shoegaze, and doom, Kallai's vision continues to evolve with compositions which weave tales of both melancholy and hope, creating dreamlike yet palpable narratives.

Their latest release, Always/Never, epitomizes the band's introspective approach by way of poignant lyrics and haunting melodies. The song portrays an imagined dialogue between a woman and her younger self, reflecting on past relationships. With the band preparing for the release of their debut EP in June 2024, Always/Never acts as a beautiful introduction to Kallai's identity as a notable underground act.

Atmospheric guitar reverbs and entrancing rhythms are the main ingredients of Kallai's impressive sound, and their lead single finds them producing an introspective piece which stands out from the start.

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