Gouge Away: Spaced Out

Spaced Out is the latest offering by Gouge Away, a brief, fiery punk number featuring vocals from Haley Butters (Pale Green Stars, Trauma Ray), Meghan O'Neil (Punch, Super Unison, King Woman), and Jasmine Watson (Torso, Ceremony). The song is a taste of what's to come from their upcoming album, Deep Sage, which promises to be a compelling addition to the band's already impressive body of work.

Gouge Away vocalist Christina Michelle comments on the single: "I completely missed the conversation where everyone decided to scrap this song. The guys all felt it was the most unfinished compared to our other demos but I heard a fun and short banger. I had a ton of fun writing the lyrics at home, imagining different voices trading off. Our friends Haley Butters, Meghan O'Neil and Jasmine Watson came to the studio to lend their voices super last minute and they really helped make this song come to life. Now we love that this song made it onto the record.

Deep Sage will be out on March 15th, 2024 from Deathwish Inc.

Photo by Adam Gerhold

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