D//E Guest Post: Kontravoid: Detachment // Track by Track Breakdown

On March 1st, 2024, Kontravoid releases the new album, Detachment, through Artoffact Records. Cameron Findlay, the creative force behind the Kontravoid banner, provides insight into the album through a detailed track by track breakdown.


I wanted to create a big opening track for the album, something pretty dramatic, and then break into something more techno/EBM, aiming to set the tone for the rest of the album.

For What It Is

This track’s about feeling lost in some kind of cyber society. Feeling out of place and observing things from a distance while being trapped behind a strange mask.

Losing Game

Chelsey of Nuovo Testamento and I wrote this together and wanted to make an uplifting, but also kind of sad, pop hit. Personally I think we succeeded, and I hope people enjoy this track and feel the same. It’s one of my favorites on the record.


It’s coming.

Death Shot

This song’s about knowing your limitations when it comes to drinking too much, specifically before putting on a mask and staring into strobes while inhaling fog for about an hour.

Sin Walker

I wrote this song originally about aliens, but also about demons, and eventually about intrusive thoughts. Those things can be annoying, try not to pay attention to them. It would be cool to meet some aliens though.

How It Ends

Have you ever felt like you know someone really well and then you suddenly see a side of them that’s totally different and very off-putting? Yeah that's what this song's about.

In Reverse

This one’s about driving across the country and talking to myself about things I’d like to do when I get back from tour. Sleeping mainly, but also about things that inspire me to continue doing this project. 


This was the last song written for the record. It kind of feels like a closer in a way, and is about feeling melancholy in regards to something you’ve put a lot of time and work into that is nearing completion. 


Do you ever just look at the world, like what the hell is wrong with humanity? This song's about that, and also skateboarding. I feel like this could be a good song in a skate video.

Photos by David Rauch-Batista

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