Crumbs: You're Just Jealous

You’re Just Jealous is the first single from the forthcoming album of the same name by post punk band, CRUMBS. Having nurtured this project over several years, the band is ready to unveil their blend of quirkiness and excellent musicianship in the form of their new full length. 

CRUMBS hail from Leeds, and they have been actively shaping the vibrant DIY scene in Northern England. Their roots are into the nervier realms of post punk and harken back to the no wave scene, citing inspiration from the likes of Gang of Four, Delta 5, ESG, and Le Tigre among other, while infusing their own distinctive eccentricity into the mix.

You're Just Jealous encapsulates CRUMBS' signature blend of post punk energy and pop sensibility, complemented by finely crafted instrumentals and acute lyrics. The b-side, DIY SOS, coming with an amazing visual inspired by video games, adds another dimension to the band's creative output.

You're Just Jealous, the album, will be out on May 10th, 2024, via Skep Wax Records. 

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