METZ: Entwined (Street Light Buzz) / 99

Seasoned noise rockers METZ from Toronto are gearing up for their upcoming album, Up On Gravity Hill, which marks the band's return since 2020's Atlas Vending, and it's set to arrive on April 12th, 2024, courtesy of Sub Pop and Dine Alone in Canada.

Two tracks have been revealed off the impending full length, each with its own unique essence, exhibiting part of the band's versatility. 99 delivers a relentless, noisy garage rock tone and comes with a psychedelic video, while Entwined (Street Light Buzz) arrives with a blend of guitar-based indie rock energy and melody, offering a dreamier sound.

The band’s Alex Edkins offers more detail: "These two songs couldn’t be more stylistically and thematically dissimilar. Entwined (Street Light Buzz) is a song about the deep connection humans can foster with one another and how we carry people with us forever, even after death. 99 is about the scourge of corporate greed and bottom-line thinking that runs rampant in modern society. Anything for a buck is the message being sent to younger generations."

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