Glassing: Defacer

Texas-based post metal power trio Glassing makes a forceful return with their recently announced upcoming album, From the Other Side of the Mirror. Harbinger of the incoming full length is the intense single Defacer, offering a taste of the extreme heaviness the band delivers throughout the album.

Defacer presents a relentless blend of ruthless black metal blast beats, post hardcore guitar work, and visceral vocals, characteristic of the band's usual ferocity, and ultimately serves as an introduction to the introspective themes that permeate the entire album.

Glassing frontman and bassist Dustin Coffman comments on the new single: “Defacer is one of our more powerful compositions, it's structure is longer than most songs we play with this amount of intensity and its execution is punishing. The album as a whole is riddled with heavy and brutal performances but I would say Defacer is the pinnacle of it. 

The music itself mirrors the internal conflict disclosed in the lyrics. The song's theme unravels a confession: behind our self-deprecation there lies a shield against accountability and criticism. The idea throughout the song is to relinquish this shield, let in the illumination and risk in the hopes of one day looking back to see an honest artist.

From the Other Side of the Mirror will be released on April 26th, 2024 through Berlin-based label Pelagic Records.

Photo by Ismael Quintanilla

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