D//E Select: Neurosis: A Sun That Never Sets

From time to time, Destroy//Exist shines a light on an album which has profoundly influenced the music we value the most. D//E Select serves as a commendatory showcase, offering the chance to spotlight those favorites which deserve continual recognition.

A Sun That Never Sets, the seventh studio album by Neurosis, released in 2001, marked a significant chapter for the overall memorable path of the Oakland-based Californian band. Produced by Steve Albini, the album garnered a mix of highly positive and non-favorable reviews upon its release, but over time, it has naturally solidified its place as a cornerstone of post metal. Serving as a benchmark for many bands which followed, those who have drawn inspiration from Neurosis' distinctive sound are countless.

A Sun That Never Sets represents a forward step for Neurosis, going on a fresh direction characterized by a heightened atmospheric quality rich in lyricism and a compelling interplay between intensity and tranquility. The band artfully explores new territories, incorporating synthesizers and samples into their already rich sound, while they manage to preserve the immense heaviness and resilience of their earlier works but imbue it with a deeper sense of intrinsic meaning and relevance to the disillusioned.

The album is a clear indicator of the band's future trajectory, blending serenity and beauty with their trademark dynamics. This exceptional addition to Neurosis' body of work exemplifies their venture into realms which feel both strange and familiar for the band, and they go toward that approach with unwavering confidence.

A Sun That Never Sets is the kind of album which demands full attention to grasp its depth and merit. Neurosis created a record which simultaneously overwhelms and exudes profound elegance.

Steve Albini's production shines through in an adept manipulation of dynamics, resulting in a stunning sound, with the quieter passages standing out by way of smart use of space, while the louder sections are absolutely massive, heightening the impact of the contrasts even further.

The album's closing track, Stones From the Sky, stands out as an astonishing conclusion which alone justifies experiencing the entire album. With its epic quality and impactful delivery, it hits with the force of a ton of bricks, and it's easily one of the most exceptional conclusions in a post metal record.

Alongside Through Silver in Blood and Times of Grace, Neurosis' seventh album represents the peak of their creativity and emotional depth. It exhibits their innovation and sentimentality through intricate musical arrangements, precise instrumentation, expressive vocals, and overall boundary-pushing exploration. As a result, A Sun That Never Sets offers a multi-layered adventure which resonates on multiple levels.

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