Boris: Serial Tear

Boris and Coaltar of the Deepers emerged during the same period in the early nineties. Takeshi from Boris was influenced a lot by COTD and the two acts held each other in high regard, with mutual admiration. Their first collaboration dates back to Boris' tears EP in 2019, where Boris covered COTD's To The Beach and Narasaki, the vocalist and guitarist of COTD, handled the production for this release. Over the years, both bands have shared the stage multiple times in Japan.

After years of walking parallel paths, the two groups finally come together for a comprehensive project; a six-song album comprising re-recorded tracks and covers from each band's respective repertoire.

The concept of hello there is to "present newly recorded self-covers of past songs to today's listeners," as well as "a new attempt to specify songs to the other band and cover each other's songs," according to Boris.

Serial Tear is dynamite, coming together with a nice video.

Photo courtesy of Boris

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