Public Circuit: Caustic Cross

Public Circuit, the brainchild of musician Ethan Biamont, draws inspiration from the nostalgic tones of new wave electronica and the enduring spirit of post punk. The band's lead single, Caustic Cross, from their upcoming debut album Lamb, stands out as a notable piece, exuding a delightful blend of melancholy and bittersweet energy.

Biamont, joined by members Sean Holloway and Nelson Fisher, transforms Public Circuit into a compelling force whose live performances have been highlighted for their intensity.

Rooted in the minimal synthpunk ethos of the late seventies underground scene, Public Circuit also embraces the new wave romanticism of the eighties and the timeless agitation of post punk, producing a distinct niche within the fundamentals of underground synthpop. The moody synths and pseudo-religious symbolism in their new single and video come across entirely thought provoking, questioning the consequences of blind devotion.

Lamb is scheduled for release on March 8th, 2024, through à La Carte Records.

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