Phantom Wave: First Light

Phantom Wave are a Brooklyn-based shoegaze outfit which seems to be managing the dynamic interplay between animated drive and dazzling elegance pretty well, fusing elements from the vanguard of shoegaze, dreampop, and psychedelia, and bringing forward a melodic and vibrant sound. 

First Light, the lead single from their forthcoming album, Bonfire Secrets, epitomizes the band's nostalgic approach, as well as their knack for fuzz. With depth, sentimentality, and a penchant for experimentation in dynamic shifts and textures, Phantom Wave deliver a competent and contemporary take on shoegaze. 

Rooted in the present, the band's music consistently embraces a forward-looking standard, ensuring an engaging trip as they explore the atmospheric realms they create.

Bonfire Secrets is set to release in April 2024.

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