Olin Janusz: The Throat

The Throat is the first single from Olin Janusz's forthcoming album, Please Leave Quietly, which arrives in its entirety on April 5th, 2024, from Stellar Frequencies, Candlepin Records and Araki Records. Janusz is a self-taught musician based in London whose sound finely brings together elements from alt-country, slowcore, and chamber folk among other styles.

A weighty and contemplative slowcore piece, The Throat finds Janusz exuding a distinctly poetic tone. The track is built upon beautifully crafted instrumentals, employing an Americana-meets-post-rock approach. Janusz's crooning vocals contribute to the song's profound and ponderous atmosphere, enhancing its overall depth and intensity.

Conceptual and sonic substantiality characterizes The Throat whose initial half plays out as a ballad, exploring the theme of mental illness at a deliberately slowed pace, with pedal steel going through verses and strings unfolding in choruses, while he latter half gives way to an instrumental segment which embodies similar notions in the absence of words.

The very well made, cinematic video which comes with the song, shot by filmmaker Joan Sabatier, finds the artist citing inspiration from Bergman’s Winter Light, echoing the diverse emotional layers embedded in the music.

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