ILUITEQ x Lorenzo Montanà: Prometheus

Following their very good full length, Reflections From The Road, and its remix companion, Reflections Revisited, the Italian ambient artists ILUITEQ make a return with a collaborative project, teaming up with Lorenzo Montanà.

Prometheus marks the first reveal from this new collaboration, serving as a precursor to their upcoming album, Katà Métron, drawing inspiration from the Greek mythology and scheduled for release in early March 2024 via n5MD.

The composition directly establishes an immersive ambiance, possessing a timeless quality while crafting a narrative which is both vivid and picturesque. Rich ambient pads gently embrace warm piano lines, complemented by minimal percussion, resulting in an invigorating piece which sheds light on the mythological figure of Prometheus, the charismatic revolutionary of humanity.

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