Flagorne: Les couleurs d'une fi​è​vre

Les couleurs d'une fièvre is the new album by French experimental act Flagorne. The entire album serves as a versed exploration of the duo's Dadaist and embittered artistic realm, infused with elements of electro-industrial and black metal-infused noise.

The group is composed of Maquerelle (voice, lyrics, synthesizers, samplers) and Afga06l (additional voices, computer, digital instruments), and their sonic identity is distinctly unconventional, evoking a nightmarish quality inspired by the writings of Emil Cioran and early Céline.

Built upon an electro-industrial sonic foundation which is both unsettling and enticing, Les couleurs d'une fièvre combines electronic martial rhythms with a significant dose of noisiness, engulfed in rich production that accentuates the expressive, often manic and hostile vocals.

The album exudes a pervasive sense of agony and unease across its five extensive tracks, each complementing the others like distinct chapters in a dark, unified vision of a concept which resembles a malignancy, deviating from norms and ushering in a chaotic, nightmarish portrayal; a reflection of the real world through the lenses of pain and dejection.

Highlighted tracks such as the relatively concise Adresses, the weightier, more extended De rien de bien, and the ceremonial deviation of closing number Comme plusieurs, showcase Flagorne's edgy sound and pitch-dark poetic essence. The album, as a cohesive unit, proves to be an affecting one, and essential listening for those undeceived about the current state of affairs.

Les couleurs d'une fièvre is out through the eclectic label Cioran Records.

Photos courtesy of Cioran Records

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