Coilguns x Birds In Row: You & I In The Gap

Swiss noise rock act Coilguns and French hardcore band Birds In Row deliver their fiery new collaborative single, You & I In The Gap, taken from the upcoming EP, Birds In Row & Coilguns, out  February 2nd, 2024.

The impending EP is a three-track release in which the two acts combine the intense qualities and the ferocity of their individual sounds as they play to their strengths, and the first example unveils that this unison is absolutely seamless. Despite the set challenge of writing, producing, and recording all content within a compressed seven-day timeframe, both bands successfully overcame this hurdle. 

Coilguns guitarist, Jona Nido, explains: “You and I in the Gap stands out as the most spontaneous track on the EP. Throughout the seven days dedicated to writing and recording, our primary focus was on what we considered the 'main' tracks. However, with a bit of time left, we embarked on the creation of You and I in the Gap, a track characterised by its almost mono-riff and heavy sound. On the last day of the session, we initially decided to forego producing it due to a lack of time for recording vocals. Little did we anticipate the magic that Louis (vocals) could conjure. In the late afternoon, he composed lyrics, worked quietly on his own, and at 1 am, just as all the gear was neatly packed away, he surprised us. He appeared with one of those child synths that require blowing into a tube to produce sound. Louis executed one take of pure noise, evident at the beginning of the track. Then, he grabbed the microphone and delivered a single vocal take, leaving everyone in awe of the performance, a moment we preserved exactly as it unfolded.

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