BIG|BRAVE: i felt a funeral

BIG|BRAVE have returned with the announcement of their new album A Chaos Of Flowers, following their powerful 2023 release, nature morte. i felt a funeral is the first reveal from the impending album, lifting inspiration from the poetry of of Emily Dickinson. Throughout the entire album, guitarist and vocalist Robin Wattie extensively explores the poetry of artists who share a deep connection with Wattie, their words echoing the experiences of individuals frequently marginalized by cultural standards.

The video is a single shot of an intimate visual and aural dialogue between Wattie and the audience. This stark presentation seamlessly complements the music's experimental undertones and exquisite minimalism, perfectly encapsulating the overall poetic essence of the track.

A Chaos Of Flowers comes out on April 19th, 2024 through Thrill Jockey. 

Photo courtesy of BIG|BRAVE

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