Shadow Age: Ours

Richmond, Virginia post punk band Shadow Age is back after a substantial break with their new track, Ours, marking their first release since 2018. Accompanying the song is an impeccably crafted video, shot and directed by Cat McCarthy. Prior to their hiatus, the band had already made an impact with one album and two EPs, sharing stages with notable acts such as The Chameleons and Modern English.

The band's own Aaron Tyree opens up about the circumstances which prompted him to take a break from music five years ago: "Everything was a mess. I was unbearable to be around. I needed time away from everything. As I was centering and stabilizing my mind and life, I was thrown into a time mostly defined by loss. Lovers, friends, family, death... the world, to a degree. I started really looking at my life and flaws and mistakes and reconciling them. After a while I just realized, 'There's only ever really today. Half of my friends are dead. I'm healthy. I can't stop writing good songs. The time to do Shadow Age is now.' Now we are here."

On December 1st, 2023 the track, presented in its original version along with a variety of remixes, is set to be released on cassette through Play Alone Records.

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