SCRÆPË: Arachnophilia

SCRÆPË, an edgy four-piece hailing from Naarm (Melbourne), introduces a distinctive sound that draws inspiration equally from thrash metal and hardcore punk. Their debut offering, SIN BIN, is an 8-track release, finely blending the intensity of extreme metal with the grittiness and the ethos of punk, effectively showcasing the band's barefaced attitude and the fervor of their performances.

The thematically elegant Arachnophilia leaves no room for compromise, delivering unrelenting energy, and exhibiting a remarkably loud approach. The song is described by the band as a "frantic, unhinged anthem for the filthy grubs here to fvck spiders," and ultimately, it encapsulates the essence of SCRÆPË' s fearless expression.

The lineup of SCRÆPË comprises Bel on vocals, Dordo on drums, Mat on bass, and J PhyzZ on guitar. The recording and mixing of SIN BIN were handled by Max Ducker at Cellar Sessions Studio, with mastering executed by Mikey Young.

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