IRKED, a Tyne and Wear-based punk band, emerged in 2022, delivering snotty and noisy punk which encapsulates the spirit of underground DIY music in the UK. The band continue to stand out by recording and mixing their new single, BACKSTREETS, and are set to release an EP.

BACKSTREETS is a raw expression born from lived experiences. The song focused on the uncomfortable reality of problematic individuals who lurk unchecked in local music scenes. Drawing from various perspectives, including those who are aware of such issues but remain silent, the lyrics shed light on the reluctance to confront rumors and gossip, allowing perpetrators to persist unrestricted.

IRKED describe: "This song is written about the creeps who linger around your local music scene, where problematic behaviour isn't policed and vulnerable people aren't safeguarded."

It stands as a defiant composition which adeptly highlights not only a significant concern but also the band's bold, unapologetic, and promising artistic essence.

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