House of Harm: Two Kinds

Two Kinds is the latest single and video release from House of Harm's upcoming album, Playground, set to come out on December 1st, 2023. Accompanying the single is a music video capturing candid moments from the band's recent tour dates and everyday experiences. Shot on Hi8 cassette, the footage imparts a nostalgic nineties home movie vibe, aligning with the song's own keenness towards the past.

Two Kinds features a blend of stripped-down acoustic guitar and sweeping synths, reminiscent of the gentler tones found in the alternative pop ballads of the nineties. It's an engaging artistic direction which becomes an interesting contrast to the prevalent grunge-infused rock dominating the airplay during that period, providing a refreshing counterbalance.

The lyrics are written from a place of reflection and weakness,” shares lead singer Michael Rocheford. “It’s a desperate call for things to return to the way they were, imperfections and all.” 

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